Building at Elements

We have developed design guidelines and various other resources to assist you in building a home in Western Australia’s unique North West conditions. These resources will help you to make decisions on the overall design of your home.

Download the Elements design guidelines to share with your nominated builder.

Design Guidelines

The Detailed Area Plan (DAP) relevant to your chosen block in Elements is also important information for you to consider with your builder when planning your home design.

DAP Lots 149 to 160 DAP Lots 168 to 175, 180 to 183, 185 to 190

Once you have a home design, you need to submit the Elements Design Guidelines Approval Application Form to Cedar Woods. This is available to download below.

Design Guidelines Application Form

The landscape design around the home affects the way in which your home presents to the street, and the way you live in and around the home. We have provided a list of recommended plant species to assist you in designing your external areas around your home.

Recommended Plant Species

A landscaping rebate will also be offered by Cedar Woods to purchasers as part of the land purchase, upon completion of front landscaping, or front and side landscaping for corner lots, within a prescribed timeframe. The intent of the rebate scheme is to ensure high quality presentation of homes within the Elements estate. The Elements Landscape Rebate Scheme & Rebate Form is available to download below.

Landscape Rebate Scheme  Landscape Rebate Form